We created photonorganon.com as an avenue where we could all learn about male chastity lifestyle. We’ve been obsessed with chastity cages for several years already. We started collecting them just as a curiosity but didn’t understand their benefits or impact at that time.

Much later, after we became heavily active in BDSM & bondage, we met a new member to our team who happens to be a sub who would come to sessions locked & remain caged in chastity thru his sessions. He explained that he would immediately lose interest in male intimacy if he had an orgasm, so he used the cage to maintain his submissive and eager attention thru the session.

We were so impressed by his strategy that we’d let him pick cages from our collection to take home and wear for the next session. We enjoyed seeing him in them as much as he enjoyed wearing them. After several months of continuous collaboration, photonorganon.com was born. We are still in the development and improvement stage so please join us in this journey.