Denied Orgasm: Here’s what happens to men if they are deprived of orgasm

We all love sex. But why is that so? Do we just need to procreate, or is it something else? Well, in short, to expand our species, we need to have fun between the sheets. And for nature to make us do what it wants, our bodies evolved in a way that makes sex feel so good. This is why it feels so good to stroke a penis, touch a vagina, and even better, combine these two in sexual intercourse.


The result of having sex or simulating it by masturbating is an orgasm. Both men and women reach it, although in different ways, and the results are so wonderful that it makes us keep doing it over and over. However, what happens if you suddenly stop being private with someone and completely cut ties with spanking your salami? Can it be harmful to your health, or does it have any benefits? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Understanding Men’s Needs

As we’ve said — the cherry on top of sex is orgasm. This goes for both men and women. However, some guys are into denying themselves the pleasure of reaching the climax. This practice is what we call orgasm denial, and it’s quite common in BDSM circles. Some might stop any form of stimulation just before it spirals out of control, while others enjoy their partners deciding when it’s enough.


Of course, this isn’t true for all men. Moreover, the vast majority of them are into spilling their loads more than you think. One of the reasons why they’re into it is the fact that orgasms kick in happy hormone release. From oxytocin to dopamine, our brains send out a set of chemicals after we have crossed the finish line. Still, is it normal to deprive yourself of cumming while having intercourse? Well, it’s not all peachy.

Depreciating Excitement for Sex

Men who enjoy orgasm denial are usually into cock cages and other male-orientated chastity devices. The whole point of these sex toys is to restrict men from having a hard-on and, in turn, ejaculate when the time calls for it. “But, why would anyone enjoy this?” you might ask. Well, different people have different ideas about what makes them tick. They enjoy submission, especially if a strong, dominant woman denies them pleasure.


On the other hand, orgasm denial is what turns many men off. Just the idea of someone restricting them from the sole purpose of sex is bad, let alone doing it with a stainless-steel contraption like a cock cage. For them, it’s simply degrading. Furthermore, following through with this idea can eliminate any excitement sex has and make them look asexual. Even if not being interested in sex isn’t necessarily bad, it can be more than problematic.

Frequent Mood Changes

The unfortunate reality of not getting enough orgasms weekly is that it’s going to cause nasty side effects. Most of these cons are psychological and include frequent mood changes. This is due to a strong connection between cumming and feeling happy, fulfilled, and overall positive. It’s what we call the sex “afterglow.” But this isn’t just temporary. Some studies suggest that the positive effects of reaching an orgasm last up to 48h.


When it comes to men, orgasms also affect testosterone levels. These chemicals are behind our sex drive, making us want intimacy with other people. But it’s not just about being all horny and on the prowl for many lovers. Experiencing frequent orgasms is great for relieving stress, going to bed on time, and having enough sleep. In other words, without proper release, we risk too much, including our mental and physical health.

Self-Isolation & Depression

Although it might seem like a great idea at first, wearing a cock cage doesn’t work for all men. Their partners might come across the notion that it can rejuvenate their sex life, but that’s a gross oversimplification. Sure, wearing a chastity device might help some guys relax their hypersexual nature and make them focus on work and family. But that’s just one side of the story. These gadgets can lead to self-isolation and depression too.


Due to lack of orgasms and even sex at all, men can become less interested in their partners and their overall company. Moreover, they might begin to feel dejected, thinking that their whole world is gone. And in fact, it is — the world of pleasure and desire they lived for no longer exists if they can’t orgasm or even get hard. Therefore, it’s a slippery slope to pursue orgasm denial and the chastity lifestyle.

Lower Immune System

Another denied orgasm effect is that it can weaken the immune response. Namely, a study from 2004 shows that regular sex is in close connection with health, in particular — the human immune system. Sexual stimulation, with or without a partner, is behind the increased fabrication of white blood cells, which are the main defendants of our bodies when it comes to inflammation. The same goes for killer cells (ones that attack viruses and bacteria).


If you stop and think about it, men deprived of orgasm are especially in danger during the turbulent times we live in nowadays. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging for almost two years now, it’s important to have our immune system in mint condition. So, it might not be the best idea to pursue a chastity lifestyle, at least while the coronavirus is still out there.

Erectile Dysfunction

What is the worst thing men of all sexual orientations and age fear? Is it hair loss or beer bellies? Well, no. They fear neither of those. They dread erectile dysfunction (ED) the most. If you don’t know what this condition is, allow us to briefly explain. Don’t worry. We won’t go all scientific on you. We’ll just mention the basics.


In short, ED is a condition that prevents men from having a hard-on or keeping their penis thick and firm for more than a few seconds or minutes. Unfortunately, some studies suggest ED and orgasm denial work hand-in-hand. This might not be the case for every submissive male out there, but there are reasons to worry about the safety of your penis.


The reason this occurs is due to many nerve endings in male genitals that lose their function through excessive wear of cock cages. They simply become numb. This, of course, doesn’t happen if you wear a chastity device for a few hours. It’s something that can occur with overnight use of cock cages and other orgasm denial sex toys.


However, if you enjoy these gadgets, make sure you watch closely over your locked-up penis. In case it starts changing colors or swelling, or if you see bruises and dark patches, take the damn thing off immediately. There’s no reason to mess around with circulation if you want your wiener to work for the rest of your life.