Using butt plugs the right way

Anal sex is the dream of a man and the fear of a woman. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Many men think about anal sex, and men are very ordinary, normal. If this turns up, then you do not need to try but if some loving couple decides to try it, then the flag (or rather, the cork) in their hands and in other parts of the body. But to prepare for this sex helps butt plug. What is butt plug spinner? To know this you need to know what butt plug is and how butt dildos bring joy and happiness. However, it is necessary to approach this toy with caution and preparation. How this is done and why it is needed at all is discussed in our article.

Less is better

Choosing the first anal plug, you should pay attention to its size. The smaller it is the better. After all, the anus is very narrow. But if it is developed, it can stretch to the desired size. The main condition is gradualness. Due to this, the introduction process will be comfortable and enjoyable. And this in preparation for anal sex is very important.

It is worth paying attention to the model with a manual pump. They are miniature in size, but after insertion they can be pumped with an attached pump. So you can control the development process of the anus. This can be turned into a sexual game at all by entrusting the pump to the partner. Now he can control the degree of your pleasure or, for example, punishment.

Proper lubrication – the key to success!

For games with the anal plug one toy will not be enough. Be sure to buy a quality lubricant designed for anal sex. They contain components that are able to relax the muscles and remove the discomfort, if any. And their composition will make the process of sliding toys smooth and easy.


Before buying a lubricant, carefully read the instructions for your butt plug. It clearly lists the list of lubricants that are compatible with this type of material. Especially when using dildos owned by prostitutes in which case, you need a lot of varieties!

Material matters

Butt plug for beginners should be made from quality and malleable materials. Experiments with hard and dense corks are better to be put off until later. For beginners, corks are ideal; their materials are:

  • Malleable silicone;
  • Soft PVC;
  • Elastic elastomeric.

These materials are completely hypoallergenic and are ideal for the first time. But nevertheless it is worth being reinsured and in addition to use a condom. So you are guaranteed to protect yourself from various kinds of infections.

The first time to use the anal plugs and vibrators is always shocking. But then, when you understand what an anal orgasm is, you can hardly refuse it. Black butt plug is the most popular sexual attribute, with which you can gradually expand the anus for subsequent penetration. Black butt plug can serve as an additional source of pleasure during traditional sexual intercourse. For the initial penetration and successive initiation to the joys of anal sex, use this intimate toy. Black butt plugs serve as a prelude to subsequent penetration, making it comfortable and painless.

How to use black anal stimulants correctly

Black anal stimulator is made of high quality silicone or latex, which gives tenderness and elasticity to this intimate toy. This sexual attribute has a special suction cup stop, with which the black butt plug is easily inserted and removed.

For initial use, as well as for subsequent penetrations, it is necessary to use special gels or creams that will facilitate the introduction of the anal toy. Take a comfortable position that allows you to gently introduce a black anal stimulator and completely relax. You or your partner should gradually introduce a plug so as not to damage the delicate anus mucosa.

For women who know the joys of anal sex, models of plugs with a pear that can expand to the size you need will be interesting. Black butt plugs will allow you to experience new sensations and help extend the orgasm during intercourse.

When using various anal stimulants, it is important to learn how to relax. Anal toys should slide smoothly and effortlessly into the body without causing negative emotions. If you buy anal sex toys for the first time, do not choose models of larger sizes. You can also refer to this link on choosing the right sex toys for you. Expanding the anus should be gradual, and the said anal toy should not cause discomfort. With proper use, anal sex toys give you a fantastic pleasure that you want to feel more than once.

How to choose anal stimulator

Butt plugs in black can be of different sizes, shapes and made of various materials. When using for the first time, get the most usual cone-shaped cork. Cork of this form, you can painlessly enter into the anus and get used to the new sensations.

Choose black anal plugs from soft materials such as silicone or latex, they will reduce the risk of damage during the initial injection. For lovers of anal games in our store there are corks of large sizes made of metal or thick rubber. On the website of the shop “Freud’s Pantry” you will find the necessary sexual attribute, with the help of which you can give yourself pleasure.

But for more options, you can go visit butt plugs and vibrator museums in Korea.

Butt plugs for wearing

Butt plugs for wearing has a pin-shaped appearance with a flat clip on the end. In size, they range from very small; whose length does not exceed 8 cm and a diameter of 2.5, to large ones, about 11 cm in length and about 4 cm in girth. Externally, the latch can be decorated with rhinestone or be without decor.

Actual butt plug for wearing with a curved shape: It can be a figured elongated model, and it can also be a pikoobrazny, but with a special relief. Here, rings of different thickness and diameter are used, balls, a corrugated coating has an additional effect on the erogenous zones inside. Butt plug for long wearing will permanently easily stimulate the sensitive parts of the anus. If you wish, you can move the toy to enhance the sensations.

Stimulation of the sensitive area around the anus

The anus area is one of the most powerful erogenous zones, as it contains a lot of nerve endings. With proper stimulation, a girl can get more pleasure than a partner. In most anal toys, the stop on the end is designed not only so that the toy does not pull away the anus, but also for parallel stimulation of the area around it.

Preparing for anal sex

This is not so simple. On the one hand, any anal toys teach the body that something is in the anus, and this is nice. On the other hand, toys for anal sex and for preparation for anal sex differ externally: the former have a thin web between the main body and the base. The task is to prepare toys for anal sex – to teach sphincters to the fact that something is in them, and therefore the jumper is wide, just a little toy heads.

The point K is responsible for getting pleasure during anal sex – it is located on the back wall of the vagina (to put it simply, opposite G). And its stimulation is carried out through the rectum – if the wall of the vagina is not much thickened. Point K is awakened in all women initially, unlike the same G. And this means that an orgasm is guaranteed. By the way, many women note that the orgasm obtained from the stimulation of point K and the area around the anus is much stronger than, for example, from the stimulation of the clitoris.

If a woman uses an anal plug during penetrating vaginal sex, then the vaginal volume automatically becomes smaller due to the filling of the rectum. In this way, both she and her partner experience more sensations from vaginal stimulation.

Imitation of double penetration

Sex with two partners is one of the most common female fantasies. But the problem is that, being a bright fantasy, in reality, it often turns out to be far from as beautiful and pleasant for a woman as we would like. Advice from sexologists: if you really wanted to try sex with two partners, first try sex with one man and, say, with a vibrator. In our case, the cork will mimic the anal penetration of the second partner.

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